Bloomfield is a wonderful, old historic home that bears witness to the testimony of God's grace, love and forbearance in honoring the prayer of a Godly man. This grand manor was built in three distinct periods. Each building onto the past, bringing a separate identity, but with an incredible flow of unity and respect for each other.

The first building was a humble log cabin, built before the Revolutionary War. It's owner, the Reverend Benjamin Hood, was a Methodist circuit rider. He was a man of strong faith, who honored God. His prayer before God was that his home would be a holy place that God would fill with His Spirit.

The home was sold many times, never staying in any one particular family. It grew in stature, but spiritually had fallen into the hands of worldly values of man. Every so often it would have a Godly owner, that would temporarily secure it back to its original purpose.

Bloomfield Manor came into a period of granduer during the Civil War. Many wonderful parties were held there, with important guests being entertained in its many rooms. But the values of the world are never loyal to anything except itself. And so, Bloomfield became a home of the past, where it became forsaken by all save God. God watched over Bloomfield and kept it safe from total destruction.

The old home became a place where vagrants would come. They burned fires on its beautiful wood floors to keep warm. They would defecate all over it and would spit on it. It had come to a time where it was hated. Officials decided to have it destroyed. Its salvation would be an act of God, a miracle.

God pulled to Bloomfield a woman, who had embraced satan all her life. She had been called a witch by many, and indeed she was. She looked and acted the part. She came to Bloomfield looking for haunting spirits, but was drawn into it by the presence of God. She was so enthralled by the peacefulness of Bloomfield, that she was motivated to save it from destruction. In the process of saving Bloomfield, God saved her. She accepted Jesus Christ as her Savoir and Lord. Her name is RACHEL. She took all of the accompanying photographs of Bloomfield Manor.

The process of saving Bloomfield and its total restoration took 3.5 years. God sent many miracles to save it. There were strong fights with witches, who wanted the house themselves. We know this is such a special house. In 1995, just three years after its restoration, Bloomfield Manor was entered in a competition with the National Trust For Historic Preservation. Bloomfield won second place in Exterior Renovation and the Great American Home Award.

God watched over the house once dedicated to Him. Bloomfield belonged to Him. He saved it from destruction. He fulfilled its dedication prayer. The sweet presence of the Lord fills its rooms. Angels have been seen in it. We don't know all that God has in store for Bloomfield Manor. But we thank God for having some part in its history, present, and future. Hallelujah. Praise God!

Author, Darcy Lynch, September, 1996

To see pictures of Bloomfield Manor look at the photo albums:

Photo Album I, Black and White photos taken of Bloomfield in disrepair.
Photo Album II, Color photos of Bloomfield after restoration.

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