Have You Cut Your Lawn Lately?

God showed me a very awesome teaching with just an easy task as mowing my lawn! This teaching was such a simple concept, but it took an experience to really understand it. I must share it with you. This is a true story that took place on Saturday, June 12, 1999. It will make you laugh and I hope it will stir on you to grow deeper in your faith walk with Jesus.

In Minnesota......we have had so much rain here, whenever there is a dry day.....everyone here is out mowing their yards! My back yard was way over due for a clipping! I must explain about my back yard. God blessed me with a yard with a very strong slope. I own an average sized yard so it isn't overly big......just challenging for a petite 5'2" woman! I pull my push/gas powered mower out of the garage and begin my journey UP the hill! I get my starting legs going and UP we go. Starting the mower hasn't been difficult. God has always been faithful in helping me start this mower for the past 5 years. I travel across the width of the back yard, following the fence and then turn and return to my original place. As I make my way back and forth across the lawn.....I didn't notice how the little front wheel was getting looser.

On my traveling, I get 1/3 across the width and suddenly .......wobble, wobble, little front wheel goes rolling down the hill! It stops at the trunk of the tree (praise God it stopped at a half way point and NOT at the bottom of the hill) It lays there just smiling at me! Oh great! I am desperate to get this lawn cut and its getting darker. I cannot let this lawn NEEDS to be cut today!

I go down the hill to the tree and get the wheel. No problem, I thought.....we just reattach it! So I lift the mower and put the bolt back in place.....I start my mower and I get 10 feet......wobble, wobble, little front wheel returns its journey down the hill, hitting the next tree! Again it sits there smiling at me waiting for me. Not again! Ok.....I will just do it tighter! I get the wheel...examine it more carefully for any missing parts......couldn't see anything that was missing. I try again to tighten the bolt back onto the mower. It seemed to be solid. I then start my mower again. This time I get 2 feet and the wheel comes off, but just plops over. OK.....time to call in the recruits for help! I go up to the house and call for assistance from the family. I get a volunteer and we find in the grass a missing washer. The wheel was put back in place, only to fall off again!!! My helper REALLY tightened that wheel on [the second time]. And I was able to successfully finish my lawn.

When I was done, God spoke to me about it. He said to me, 'How persistent are we in our walk with God? Do we continue to reattach his word to us when we loose it? Are we willing to go back and get it? And are will willing to continue to read and read and read The Word until it's so IN us that nothing will stop that word from working in our lives?'

Author, Carrie Larson

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Created: October 4, 1999