This was the greatest baseball game of all time. Long ago, (before the New York Yankees and the Atlanta Braves became famous) in the largest stadium ever built, the two teams got together for the big game.

On one side where the challengers They seemed to always lose. Lucky Lucifer, their manager, had become so embittered, he was called "Satan" by the opponent teams. He would yell at the members of his team "Remember- it is not how you play the game that counts, but whether you win or lose." He believed playing the game unfairly was okay if it would lead to a victory- in other words, "The ends justify the means." Today, they are playing against the Bright Team- this is the top team in baseball. As the game commensed, it is a struggle. Now, at the bottom of the ninth inning, the Bright Team is at bat, the other team is out in the field. Up comes J.C., the top player of the Bright Team. He is so good at this sport that he has been called "the king of baseball". He smiles a gentle smile as he comes to the plate and takes up his bat.

Lucky Lucifer, the manager of the other team, is in a rage ( he is always angry anyway, but today is exceptionally so). He sees J.C. at bat and he knows this is the Bright Team's best ballplayer.

J.C. is using one of his homemade baseball bats. Aside from baseball, his hobby is wood carving. He is a master carpenter but he has a special enjoyment in making his own basball bats. J.C. genly lifts his bat. He gets ready for the swing. He has a confident look upon his face. He knows he is going to hit a home run.

The other team's pitcher is worried; however, Lucky Lucifer has coached him to strike out J.C. at all costs. The pitcher arches his body, has the ball close to his pitcher's mitt, and he lurches forward gracefully and throws the ball.

Seeing the baseball flying fast towards him, J.C. swings his bat. It makes a loud "crack" sound as it hits the baseball, propelling it way above center field and beyond the bleachers. The great baseball player throws down his bat, runs to first base, then on to second base, to third base, and down to home plate. The crowds in the bleachers are going wild with applause and triumphant shouts.

J.C. slides in to home plate as the umpire spreads his hands and arms. The umpire shouts, "He is safe!" The other team mates of the Bright Team run out to the field and hug their hero, J.C. Lucky Lucifer, the manager of the opposing team, is enraged and threatens revenge. His team has suffered a heavy loss.

Where did the baseball go after it was hit by J.C.? It zoomed beyond the center field bleachers. It was at a high angle. It soared straight towards the sky.

The baseball continued to fly- farther and farther- into outer space. It finally stopped between two other baseballs and hung, suspended in the air. The other two suspended baseballs were previously propelled here by a wack of J.C.'s skillful batting.

One was named Venus and the other was named Mars. The new baseball cooled down and developed land masses plus bodies of water on it. Later, it would be named Earth.

It is written,
"In the Big Inning, God created the heavens and earth."

The Beginning

Author, Danny Dell

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