Open Letter
Love of the Brethren

Realm - Edification of the Body of Christ

The Apostle Paul was known as the Apostle of the heart set free. Paul knew Father's perfect will. (Corruption of the perfect will is the source of the sin nature of hate.) He saw things based on the perfect, acceptable, and/or good will - he could not help but divide here. Paul wanted Father's perfect will to be done on the earth - the ultimate bottom line - the perfect will is that mankind would love God wholly and completely. For God is love - love is the essence of God's perfect will. The second part of the heart is the designs. (Corruption of which is the source of flesh - all that is in the world according to I John 2:16 - corruption of the love of self.) Freeing Pauls from lust of the flesh and its angers and hates; freeing Peters from pride of life and its fears and rejections; freeing Johns from lust of the eyes and its hungers and disfavors. Freeing people to love themselves as God loves them. The third part of the heart is sexuality. (Corruption of which is the source of all disunity in relationships.) Freeing the male from chauvinism (hatred of God, women, and users of men) that they might love as they love themselves; freeing the female from feminism (hatred of God, men, and users of women, children, and creation) that they might revere God and men. Everyone is born corrupted and needs to be set free to love - love God, love self, love each other. The realm of edification is the place of knitting, bonding, uniting people into relationships - bone to bone, blood to blood, and friend to friend. This realm is different from the other two for they work on the individual - 1. Perfecting of the saints is about setting the individual's heart free to love God. 2. Working of the ministry is about walking out the crucifixion, letting God's love work through the individual's spirit, soul, and body - making the individual the message. But edification of the body of Christ is bringing people together into relationships. It deals with the pressure resistances between relationships that hinder and prevent fullness between and with people. So the realm of edification always involves at least two people. It deals with the souls of people. You can intercede away the resistances to the relationship, but to knit requires cooperation of the soul. It requires acceptance of the souls being knit/bonded. It seems to need the physical touch of soul to soul. Not so the other realms. The perfecting realm can be worked completely through intercession, completely in the Spirit. The work realm requires both Spirit work and physical work - one on one with the individual. The hardest is dealing with two people because you have to be between them. It is never safe to be between two people unless you have the anointing to bond.

Love of the Brethren - True Sexuality


Men there is more to your heart than you know. For locked in it is your manhood. The more your heart manifests the more visible is your manhood. A man can father children but that doesn't make him a father, and neither does being male make you a man. God's love fully manifesting in your heart makes you a man for real. In the Garden of Eden man was a he/she until God took the she spirit and put it into Adam's rib. Men cannot find completeness, wholeness, their manhood by relating to other men, that really only produces chauvinism. Likewise women cannot find completeness, wholeness, their womanhood by relating to other women, that really produces feminists. The Bible directs men to love their wives as Christ loves the church, in other words as they love themselves. It instructs women to revere their husbands. There is a principle here. Men find wholeness (their manhood) by loving women as themselves and women find their wholeness (their womanhood) by revering men (by being awed by their manhood actually). Oh, Yes! Chauvinism is the corruption of your manhood! Delilah destroyed Samson's manhood. Because of the curse women desire men - desire to rule and manipulate men. Scripture doesn't tell women to love men, but to revere men because until women revere men women truly don't love men. Reverence requires a total giving of self in awe and respect. Women can 'love', even sacrifice for 'love', but may not revere the one they are loving. The sin in the garden destroyed the unity between man and woman and it is still destroyed. Men can desire without loving; women can love without revering. This, too, God wants to restore. Scripture tells man to love woman as himself and woman to revere man. Men either affirm womanhood or destroy it. Women either revere manhood or hate it. God wants us to do what we are designed to do. Only God can destroy the war between the sexes and that is His goal. Mankind was created in God's Image. People need to see His Image on your heart. People need to see it radiating through your soul. People need to see His Presence filling and strengthening your body. Reverence is what every man knows his heart needs, especially from women. (Chauvinism is his way of demanding it but it doesn't work.)

Man represent Christ and therefore God; woman the church. Women are to revere men as the church is to revere Christ. Men are to love women as Christ loves the church. Very visual - neither state is restored yet. WOMEN LOVE MANHOOD! I know no man would like to be told his manhood isn't showing. I am not talking physically but its spirit essence here. I know how fragile is the he spirit. It is meant to be surrounded, protected, by the she spirit according to scripture. The male is strong physically but fragile in his spirit; the female is weak physically but strong in her spirit. Her body can't protect him physically - but she can protect him by surrounding him with her heart - her she spirit - especially sexually. Her total giving of herself, abandoning herself sexually, is the best avenue of reverence available. It is the best way to strengthen the he spirit. Men think the sex drive is physical but it isn't - it is spiritual. It is the he spirit's need to be surrounded by the she spirit. The Bible says it is worship. The bond that holds the Trinity together is love. For human beings when bones unite spirit, soul, and body (sexually), it is the closest they will come to understanding that love bond between the Trinity - no wonder Satan works so hard to corrupt sex - so few understand (in a Godly manner) how great a gift sex is.


Women need men more than other men do. For as men brother women they are showing them Godliness and pulling out their womanhood. As men love women as themselves, they are pulling out reverence for men from women's hearts. This is one of the effects of manhood. In God men's hearts pull reverence for men and therefore for God. In the flesh men's souls pull lust for themselves and idolatry for the gods they served. How is that for a visual?

There are four traits of a godly woman's spirit - reverence, gratitude, servant nature, and a meek and quiet spirit. Women are to be subordinate to (be obedient to) their men (father, brother, husband) to teach them to trust (put their expectation and confidence in) God (not man) and obey (obey means to hear under) men until they are adorned by that meek (mild and humble) and quiet (keeping one's seat, sedentary, still, peaceable) spirit that proves the godly woman is whole.

Women are suppose to protect the borders of the men they love and revere. Both the word helpmeet in Genesis 2 and the word compass in Jeremiah 31 mean to surround. Both mean to protect and aid by revolving, surrounding, and bordering. Women cannot help but respond to protect men's borders. God gave women the charge over borders when He separated Eve from Adam in Genesis 2. Eve was judged strongly for she herself pulled Adam across his own borders - across the border God gave Adam - she didn't protect Adam's borders - she seduced him herself. That is why God judged her. Women are the ones who will primarily cross men's borders trying to seduce them. This is in fact the reason women can seduce men - it is a border issue. (Men easily cross other men's borders and don't even notice it.) Women react when their men's borders are crossed - the true test that the bond exists. This is the evidence that women do indeed have that charge by God.

Reverence or Lust?

Men are either going to provoke lust for themselves or reverence for God. There is no in between. It is the truth! Lust or Reverence, which? Lust men have known all their lives - men and women both lust. Most people think tight fitting clothes provoke lust. They also assume loose fitting clothes cover up and therefore discourage lust. Every good artist knows this is an assumption and not based on facts. Illustrators know how to use loose fitting folds to provoke lust easily. They know how to seduce more people through using the folds. Tight fitting clothes do not provoke seduction - they declare up front what a person is. More people fall to seduction because it is subtle and not openly declared. Here is your lust provoker. Clothes are to highlight the person like a frame highlights a painting. An artist used the wrong frame if your attention is on the frame and not the painting - so it is with clothes. You need to dress in clothes that highlight your manhood not detract from it. Display the regalness that God built in you. Strut It - not for lust sake but for reverence sake. God framed you to illustrate manliness. (He really did - you are built to show manhood visibly.) It is not in the muscles nor height nor strength - no. It is your heart radiating through your body. Because it is spiritual and not physical, it is hard to describe. The confidence in how you carry yourself. Confidence and spring in your walk. Confidence in how you present yourself. Wear nothing that tempts you to with hold your heart. Your manhood visibly manifesting is God's highest for you. It Is Powerful - Awesome! Wow! It is what God wants the world to see. Don't castrate yourself - you are not meant to be a gelding. You are framed to show manhood! Glorious manhood, full, entire, stud, Manhood of God! Sexy! So take the restraints off and Strut it! Strut it! Strut it! Let your body fill out your clothes at all times! I am talking Godly sexiness not fleshly sensuality. (Yes, I did go down this road). So, you got saved and tried to clean up. You provoked lust before - women always 'came on' to you. Their flesh is their responsibility, but what you provoke is yours. You are either going to call forth lust or reverence. Well fitting clothes are a must. Well fitting - not tight - provoke, promote, etc. REVERENCE! Loose fitting clothes (especially pants, men) provoke LUST! It is the truth! Baggy pants pull the eyes down (punch one); the eyes try to go up (to the face) where they know they belong (especially Christians eyes try to go up) and are trapped by the loose folds that cradle the groin (punch two); lust is provoked (knocked down and out)! And remember, everyone is prone to look in a cradle! And Christians start rebuking themselves for lusting or not being able to control their eyes! The clothes must fit the wearer. And that is my point - a lot of the negative comments people aim at others are because their clothes don't fit their heart - men and women both know this. Instinctively people react to the mixed signal. They can't necessarily tell people why but they respond with negative comments. Remove the unnecessary offense. If people react let it be their own flesh and not because your flesh pulled them. In other words, remove unnecessary stumbling blocks from the brethren - wear clothes that fit your heart!

True Sexuality

True sexuality, then, is in the heart. God created sexuality. It is good! Flesh corrupted true sexuality into sensuality - lust. MEN! WOMEN! WE'VE BEEN ROBBED! God gave mankind sex but it is a taboo subject especially in church. We need to look up the meanings of male and female - the Hebrew definitions would simply not be received in most churches. Male means a remembrance - to make a mark - through stamping his image on his bone, bloods, and friends. Female means female in the sexual sense - to be pierced through (as in copulation), bored, perforated as with holes - to surround the male with her heart, soul and body (within marriage - sexually) is the true definition. For the male to mark he must love as God loves; for the female to surround the male she must revere as the church reveres Christ.

Men be male not chauvinists. Women be female not feminists. Your love calling is love of the brethren. The corruption of love of the brethren is hate manifested as chauvinism and feminism. You are going to provoke lust or reverence because of your love calling. Lust is false possessiveness, false ownership; manifests as disrespect (people are objects to be used and have no rights); root is hate. Reverence is total respect for people because they are made in God's image. It crosses no borders in relationships and allows people total freedom to be who they are in Christ Jesus. The root of reverence is love. Chauvinism and feminism in the extremes are easy to recognize. But since everyone is born with this corruption, how do you recognize it in "normal" people? Its hatred usually is well masked. But the give away symptom is DISRESPECT. When men and women are on the receiving end of chauvinism, they feel used and dirty - defiled. When men and women are on the receiving end of feminism, they feel naked and exposed - uncovered. Chauvinism pulls out feminism and chauvinism; feminism fuels chauvinism and feminism - vicious cycle - hate goes round and round. Chauvinism/feminism acts like it owns you - you are its private possession = false bonding/bordering = lust. Enough said?


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