I stood beside the machine, a large industrial metal band saw. It screamed and shook as it cut through the heavy steel beam. The shop mechanic, Mike, walked up. "Hey Dan, I got a question for you." He shouted. "Yeah, what?" I yelled back. I was bored and glad for the interruption. The machine finished it's cut and stopped automatically. "I asked Bryan but he didn't know. He told me to ask you." Bryan was a Christian. Almost half of the guys in our small shop were born again. "I saw a bumper sticker," he continued, "it read JESUS IS GOD. What does that mean?" Mike was not religious. I doubt he had ever been to church. He was in his thirties and loved to drink and party. He lived with his girlfriend and her son from a previous relationship. He had probably never heard the gospel. "It's the Trinity," I explained, "God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Each is a separate part of God but at the same time each is wholly God. It is the mystery of the Trinity."

I had been going to church my entire life as well as attending a Christian middle and high school. I had even spent several years in Bible College. I briefly shared the purpose of God coming to the earth as Jesus. As welding machines hummed and crackled in the background, I spoke of Christ's death, resurrection and gift of eternal life. He listened intently and then thanked me for the explanation.

A few weeks later he discussed a billboard he had seen in front of a church. He felt it was offensive. I agreed with him. I shared with him the way I thought Christ would have approached the subject. I again was able to share the gospel of Christ with Mike. Standing there in his greasy coveralls, he listened intently and again he thanked me for my input.

One Monday morning, months later, the plant manager came into our small lunchroom. "As you might have noticed," he said, "Mike did not come in this morning. Unfortunately, he went into the hospital on the weekend. He died Saturday night from a previously undiscovered heart defect." Still in shock, we all got cleaned up and dressed up to attend his funeral a few days later. Apostle Peter wrote, "Always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that is in you".Thinking back it seems obvious that God had arranged things so that Mike would have a chance to hear the gospel before he died. Not just once but twice. Unfortunately, Mike is probably in hell. However, there is a chance he sought God's salvation in his last hour. Either way he knew the truth.

Know the Truth. Share the Truth

Author, Daniel Favor

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