I believe that miracles do indeed occur. Miracles happen to those who believe. I believe this because there was a time in my life when a miracle was all that could keep my younger brother from dying.

My brother, Andrew, got sick suddenly. We just thought at the time that it was the flu. He went to see different doctors. They told us that he had a bad cold. So, we didn't think anything of it until he was sick for more than a month.

My brother was starting to get even more sick and looked like he was dying. My family started getting worried when this cold wouldn't go away, and the medicine wasn't working. He was getting worse, not better. We took him back to the doctor. The news that we heard was tragic. He had double Pneumonia. Later, we found out he also had an abcess on his lung. The doctors said he didn't have a good chance of surviving. He would have died in twenty-four hours if he had not gone to the hospital when he did. That news did not take well.

Our family and friends prayed, hoping for a miracle for Andrew. They had to remove the bottom half of his left lung. We prayed and prayed for the two weeks he was in the hospital hoping for a miracle. When they told us he would live, we were all so relieved. His recovery was slow. Five months later, he caught double Pneumonia again. It took him nine months to regain most of his strength.

Miracles happen in my opinion. I feel this is why we all got through this. If miracles didn't happen I wouldn't have my brother, because without prayer he would have died.

Author, Shannon Davis
January 30, 1996

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