Jeff's FOCUS is 'edifying the body of Christ'. In the flesh he did absolutely the opposite. His testimony is peppered with abuse. He was abused as a child, basically he grew up on the streets. Violence and hate are all he knew. At 12, his mother turned him over to the state juvenile system. The thing that saved him from being a complete criminal was his voice, he has a beautiful voice. But, of course, into the heavy metal rock world is where he went - fully identifying with the hatred and violence of that lifestyle of music. He was very successful in the rock music world. (He played Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar - Original Broadway Cast; he sang lead vocalist for Black Sabbath.) He was a drug addict and abusive to his wife, almost killed her several times. Because of his career he was exposed to Satanism and dabbled in the occult. He had a spirit guide and practiced channelling. Needless to say, he was a lawless mess. He tried to accept Christ at nineteen but was kicked out of the church because of his hair, which was (and still is beautifully) long. (He looks good with long hair. It gives him a lion appearance and balances his frame.) He finally did get saved nine years later but even then it was rough. His house was being renovated by contractors who were christians. They asked to pray for him but he cursed at them and ran to the opposite side of the house. He was having panic attacks which he had after fleeing. He returned and let them pray for him. The Holy Spirit knocked him to the ground and immediately delivered him from drugs. He then accepted Christ but he did not leave the world nor the things of the world. The Lord finally got him committed and worked sanctification in him by his trainer.

He was trained by a street-evangelist (Nicky Cruz) and is still drawn to the streets. His heart is the streets and the lost and most especially youth. He loves prison witnessing and visits the prisons to witness to the prisoners frequently. He also ministers to people in the occult. Because of this he is under death threats, people have put 'hits' out on his life. Witches fear and hate him greatly, they are always persecuting him. In the church he is constantly 'cracked on' (accused, mocked, and belittled). He knows by experience what it means for people to 'walk the talk' not just 'talk the walk' - religious people are usually the ones who try to 'kill' him by saying he doesn't belong and/or he has no value as a minister. He definitely surfaces if people love the brethren or not.

He has hosted a christian talk show monthly (TBN's Praise The Lord Show) and has had his own weekly TV show (Standing On The Rock [formerly Highway To Heaven]) on TBN. He is an excellent interviewer. He is on the road almost every weekend (usually Thursday through Sunday) going from church to church. He sings, testifies, and tells stories (he is an excellent storyteller - he puts his heart into them). He loves the Word and shares it for life experiences. He technically is not a teacher but an edifier. Unity of the body of Christ is his heart's cry and faith is what he encourages people in. He is single focused so once he is set he is locked on like a bull dog. He has a great sense of humor and loves 'one-liners', he can laugh at his own lines. His vocal range is broad and he can sing almost any music style. His voice is highly anointed. He leads people into worship of Jesus Christ the King. Jeff loves people and always reaches out to minister (especially to the youth). He truly has a minister's heart. Many christians are blessed and edified, and many lost have been saved through Jeff's ministry.


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