These sound bytes are a collection of Jeff's music; many of which he, himself, has authored. Some are taken from songs which he has recorded; some are taken from songs that are in the process of being recorded; others are taken from songs that Jeff has sung at his outreaches; all have been sung by Jeff on TBN. They are included to illustrate his vocal range and the variety of styles he can sing. They are rather large files, averaging 650K; and their running time averages 30 seconds. Enjoy!
*Attention Windows 98 users* Windows Media Player tries to play these soundbytes as if they are streaming audio bytes [which they are not]. Allow the media player to down load the sound byte until the line is completely white [even though it will try to play them while they are being downloaded - which can sound like they are broken]. Then click on the start arrow and you will hear the sound byte play correctly.





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