MEADOWS, Generation One

JOSHUA MEADOWS, was born 1803. He married ANNA BARGER November 8, 1824, in Monroe County, [West] Virginia.

Children of Joshua Meadows and Anna Barger are:
2-1. HARRISON HENRY MEADOWS, born March 15, 1826, in Kanawha County, [West] Virginia; died November 22, 1889, in Roxalan, Roane County, West Virginia.
2-2. ANDREW JACKSON MEADOWS, born May 25, 1830, in [West] Virginia; died November 28, 1897, Calhoun County, West Virginia.
2-3. CATHERINE MEADOWS, born 1832.
2-4. MARY A. MEADOWS, born 1836, in Monroe County, [West] Virginia; married JACOB MORRIS, June 19, 1858, in Roane County, [West] Virginia.
2-5. JOHN HUGH MEADOWS, born between 1836-1837, in Monroe County, [West] Virginia.
2-6. LOUISA LAURA MEADOWS, born 1841; married WM. H. HIVELY, September 27, 1866, in Roane County, [West] Virginia.
Meadows, Generation Two
Meadows, Generation Three
Meadows, Generation Four
Meadows, Generation Five
Meadows, Generation Six

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