REAMY [RAMEY], Generation One

ASBURY REMY (son of William Remy and Catherine Asbury), was born about 1703, in Westmoreland, Virginia; and died between 1752-1795, in Westmoreland, Virginia. He married ELIZABETH HANNAH NEALE [daughter of Daniel Neale and Ursula Pressley].

Cnildren of Asbury Remy and Elizabeth Neale are:
2-1. JOSHUA REAMY, born about 1747, in Westmoreland, Virginia; died 1820.
2-2. ENNIS REAMY, born about 1748.
2-3. ALEXANDER REMY, born about 1749.
2-4. HANNAH REAMY, born about 1750; married WILLIAM SUTTON on January 30, 1789, in Richmond, Virginia.
Reamy, Generation Two
Reamy, Generation Three
Reamy, Generation Four
Reamy, Generation Five

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