1. Intercession involves burden bearing.

    1. Carrying of burdens involves taking on the weakness of the individual, 'family' unit, or corporate unit.

      • Lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, pride of life.

    2. Burden-bearing includes taking on the 'personality' of the one prayed for - living out the reactions of the one prayed for - so that the one prayed for can come face to face with their self and their flesh.

      • The guardian angel of the one prayed for will accurately manifest how 'his charge' would react in any given scenario.

    3. Forsakenness may be felt because God the Father cannot look on burden- bearer - Father sees Jesus on the cross in the person and must look away.

      1. Holy Spirit still communicates with the burden-bearer to comfort and encourage him.

      2. Jesus will communicate with the burden-bearer about the ministry of suffering.

  2. Groaning and travail.

    1. Groaning is the Spirit praying when we don't know what to pray. II Corinthians 10:14

    2. Travail - Galatians 4:19; Isaiah 66:7,8; Isaiah 53:11; John 16:21.

      1. When a woman gives birth to a child, she travails. John 16:21

      2. Burdens are conceived as a child is and are born with travail.

        1. Zion travailed and brought forth children. Isaiah 66:7,8

        2. Paul travailed for the Galatians until they were mature. Galatians 4:19

        3. Christ travailed - pouring out His soul unto death.

  3. Three stages of a burden - three stages of a baby's growth within the womb.

    1. First trimester - burden is light - conscious of its growth but not heavy or uncomfortable.

    2. Second trimester - burden begins to get heavy and we begin to get uncomfortable under it.

    3. Third trimester - burden very heavy, ever aware of its presence - travail begins.

  4. Three stages of travail - similar to stages of labor.

    1. Muscle contractions can occur causing muscle strain, pain, and fatigue.

    2. Travail progresses from light to moderate to heavy.

    3. Release comes when the burden is birthed.

  5. Holy Spirit (through Himself and the angels) then sets up the scenarios necessary for the subject of the burden to learn what the burden accomplished.

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