1. Each intercessor is called to a specific intercession level.

    1. A level where each will mature and flow most comfortably.

    2. Each will grow until the level called to is reached but will not go higher than the level to which God has called.

    3. God designs each one with the characteristics necessary for the level to which they are called - the body is designed to carry the anointing for that level not more.

    4. God determines each one's level.

      1. Not based on partiality or more or less love for anyone.

      2. Based on each one's function according to His plan and purpose for them.

    5. There are degrees and stages of intercession.

      1. The deeper the oneness with God the more the power of the risen life of Christ can operate through the channel.

      2. It is a position of blessing - the deeper the oneness, the greater the capacity to bless those that bless them and curse those that curse them.

  2. Degrees of intercession - traits of:

    1. Degree one:

      • Military - Private - non-technical tasks.

      • Holy Spirit - will - intercessor of the moment, Holy Spirit empowers person before they pray.

      • Jesus - emotions - burden appears too heavy to bear - Jesus comes as heaviness.

      • Father - mind - no understanding of the mind or purpose of God the Father.

    2. Degree two:

      • Military - Corporal - technical, clerical, (communications) transmits coded messages without understanding.

      • Holy Spirit - burden bearing over time but burdens are not understood as call to intercession - burdens are talked about not truly prayed about.

      • Jesus - weight on emotions is not as heavy - talking to others lifts the heaviness.

      • Father - understands what is bothering him but not what the purpose of God is.

    3. Degree three:

      • Military - Sergeant - basic training, task group leader.

      • Holy Spirit - lives through a burden - response to the Holy Spirit is dependent on His answering questions of intercessor.

      • Jesus - feel pain or emotional despair - pain is heightened beyond normal to achieve maximum time.

      • Father - understanding and purpose of burden is vaguely known after burden is complete.

    4. Degree four:

      • Military - Lieutenant - tactical leader, commission is offered to accept or reject.

      • Holy Spirit - Holy Spirit asks if willing to bear a burden - are given time (with limit) to respond.

      • Jesus - emotions involved - weighing the cost of burden can get very heavy.

      • Father - think understand what God wants - His purpose usually not totally known - some vagueness (dark speech).

    5. Degree five:

      • Military - Captain - standing group leader, intermediate training, must be decisive and a good example. ex. Jeremiah

      • Holy Spirit - Holy Spirit asks if willing to carry a burden - may be an impression - response is fast with a minimum of thinking.

      • Jesus - emotions and/or physical pain are involved in carrying of burden - identify with object of burden.

      • Father - understand involvement of pain in carrying a burden - explanation is of a general application.

    6. Degree six:

      • Military - Major - base staff, advanced training and training supervision - offers advise to Colonels. ex. Elisha

      • Holy Spirit - intercessor asks if can carry a burden that touches his heart.

      • Jesus - enter a burden emotionally and physically to the point of feeling forsaken of God.

      • Father - understanding of the mind of God is more clear - purpose of burden is known in detail.

    7. Degree seven:

      • Military - Colonel - base commander, general staff, responsibility is great. ex. Moses, Paul, Elijah, Ezekiel.

      • Holy Spirit - become one with the Holy Spirit - He controls the will - His burdens are intercessors instantly - what He wills intercessor wills.

      • Jesus - become one with Jesus and His sufferings - enter burdens knowing will experience pain and forsakenness because contact with God is denied.

      • Father - sees things from Father's point of view - has understanding in purpose and mind of God - desires to please God and do whatever is asked.

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