1. Definition:

    1. Meets the physical needs of people.

    2. Shows love by doing, not with words.

    3. Ability to see what needs to be done.

    4. Willing to overlook personal discomfort in order to get the job done.

    5. Free others to achieve their goals.

  2. A server must: (Rom. 12:10)

    1. Have genuine (kindly) love for others.

    2. Demonstrate brotherly love and responsibility.

    3. Prefer another in honor - willing to let others have the credit.

  3. Server motive weaknesses:

    1. Greatest weakness - selfishness.

    2. Need to understand authority; protection for the management of his time.

    3. Often has difficulty transforming sources of irritation.

  4. Traits:

    1. Hospitality:

      1. Remembers likes, dislikes, special days of people.

      2. Sensitive in discerning physical needs.

      3. Desires clear direction when meeting needs.

      4. Willing to do extras in order to get the job done - does more than expected.

      5. Willing to do extras to do the job "right" - details are important.

      6. Prefers working with person rather than for person.

      7. Doesn't want to be leader.

      8. Has difficulty in saying "no" - once asked to help, feels obligated.

      9. Needs to feel appreciated.

    2. Need oriented:

      1. Need oriented not people oriented - puts the task above people he is serving or his own or his family's needs.

      2. Wants needs met quickly.

      3. Tries to avoid "red tape" - will use own resources to avoid delays.

      4. Focuses on immediate picture - seldom sees whole picture.

      5. Doesn't like deadlines - can cause panic - rigid schedules needed for protection from getting side tracked.
      6. Stamina is not affected by fatigue - causes inner tension resulting in physical ailments especially stomach problems.

      7. Inability to refuse jobs causes overextension of his time - difficulty in saying "no" to authority figures especially.

      8. Works to demonstrate love and receive love - not a feeler, not emotional - physical show, not an emotional show of love.

  5. Dangers and misunderstandings:

    1. Deeds:

      1. Being proud of his good deeds done.

      2. Being pushy or premature in meeting needs of people before the people realize they have a need.

      3. May help people before knowing if God is dealing with them - causing a conflict with God's will.

      4. Tasks appear more important than the one being served.

      5. Lets "thing" be too important - may take family for granted - may neglect self and family to help others.

      6. Over-emphasizing the physical to the neglect of the spiritual.

      7. Concentration on the physical seen as little interest in spiritual matters.

      8. Emphasis on physical things can cause conflicts with the Pastor's desires.

      9. Likes to do the work himself - to do it right and to avoid waiting.

      10. Has trouble delegating tasks to others.

      11. Impatience to help can be seen as pushing of self - trying to get in good with the boss.

      12. Does more work than two people - develops own time schedules and forces others to keep up.

    2. Feelings:

      1. Becoming bitter when work is not recognized or sincerely appreciated.

      2. May feel misused and react in anger.

      3. Resents boss who is making unwise use of his time or talents.

      4. Angry with people who are not servers - tends to resent any one who is not physically serving.

      5. Reacts to people who walk right past "obvious needs".

      6. Can not receive service from another.

      7. Sensitive - easily offended when not appreciated the way they would like to be appreciated.

      8. Willingness to help may appear as insensitive to the desires of others to help.

      9. Doesn't like long range goals - may cause frustration over long range planning or continuous tasks with no visible progress.


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