Using the six places of refuge in the Old Testament

  1. Bethel -the place of salvation - the born-again experience.

  2. Haran - the place of testing and discipline.

  3. Peniel - the place of wrestling with God.

    1. The cross experience of sanctification.

    2. Turning point in walk with God.

  4. Sheckem - name means shoulder - the place of self-strength.

    1. Experience the shame of trusting self.

    2. No peace in ruling self.

  5. Bethel - name means God's house.

    1. Place of purification - unclean things put away.

    2. Place of divine power manifested through the body of Christ.

  6. Golan - name means separated.

    1. Put away own desires.

    2. Deal with flesh.

      1. Lust of the Eyes - cravings, hungers.

      2. Lust of the Flesh - angers.

      3. Pride of Life - fears.

  7. Bezer - name means stronghold, fortress.

    1. Helpless to overcome flesh in ourselves.

    2. Rest in Holy Spirit's discipline.

  8. Hebron - name means fellowship, alliance, mutuality.

    1. Made interdependent with other believers.

    2. Begin to have a 'Body of Christ' consciousness.

  9. Ramouth - name means exalted.

    1. Sanctification completed here.

    2. Humble and obedient in words and deeds to the Holy Spirit.

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