Inner healing - bind up the broken hearted - give oil of joy for mourning - healing procedure.

  1. Person must forgive source of the wound in his/her spirit.

  2. Person must forgive self for wrong response to the hurt done person.

  3. Person must ask God to forgive them for not responding correctly to God's grace.

  4. Person must break and remove the roots of the wound in his/her spirit.

    1. Hearts of stone - renounce and ask God to remove. Ezekiel 36:26.

    2. Bitter-root judgments - renounce and break and cover with the Blood.

    3. Bitter-root judgments with self - renounce and break and cover with the Blood.

  5. Person must ask for healing to begin in his/her spirit and the effects in his or her soul (mind, will, emotions) and body to be healed, erased, transformed.

  6. Person must learn to experience true love from God and must be opened to receiving love from people.

  7. Person must meditate on joy verses from the Bible.

  8. Person must learn what motive gift God has given him or her - joy comes from exercising the motive gift.

    1. An anointing of joy (joy pill) can be given to person to help sustain the soul during the healing process.

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