Ministers Of Worship
  1. Scripture reference:

    1. In the Old Testament the worship ministers were priests, Levites, and prophets.

    2. Purpose - to lead the people in praise, worship, and thanksgiving of God.

  2. Prophetic worship leaders:

    1. It is a calling to lead worship - need a call - the anointing that comes with the call.

    2. Need instruction to know how to reach each person's entire being for worship.

    3. Need to know the difference between the anointing on a song and the anointing on the musician, vocalist, dancer, and entertainer - the performer.

    4. Need to know the difference between talent and being professional, and being anointed and called.

      1. Having talent doesn't mean anointed.

      2. Having talent doesn't mean called.

    5. Need to know when the anointing on the song conflicts with the anointing of the performer.

      1. The performer can 'cap' the anointing on the song.

      2. And vice-versa, the performer can raise the anointing on the song.

    6. Need to know how to match the anointing on a song with the anointing of the performer.

    7. Need to know how to balance a worship service so that every design's heart is met.

    8. Need to know how to raise the worship from praise to thanksgiving to worship.

    9. Need to know each song's balance.

      1. Is it balanced in its focus?

      2. Is it rising, plateauing, cooling, or lowering the worship?

      3. Is it scriptural truth?

      4. Is it edifying, exhorting, and/or comforting?

      5. Is its focus praise, and/or thanksgiving, and/or worship?

    10. Need to know how to progress songs to serve the worship's focus?

    11. If using professional tapes - need to know if the song and/or tape is produced correctly - a highly anointed song can be ruined by bad production.

    12. Need to understand how to use orchestration for worship.

    13. Need to be able to recognize whether the performer is a stylist or a traditionalist.

      1. Stylists can not be easily followed in congregational (corporate) worship.

      2. Traditionalists are easy to follow for the corporate worship.

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For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ, Ephesians 4:12

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